The Best Pregnancy Pillows 2021

Pregnancy can accompany loads of unforeseen difficulties — a decent night’s rest being one of them. And keeping in mind that we’ve covered other maternity absolute necessities — like nursing pads, pregnancy-safe skin health management items, stretchy tights, and non-ghastly winter coats — here, we’ve gathered together the best pregnancy pads, as applauded by the most energetic commentators on Amazon.

Best-rated pregnancy pillow

Queen Rose Full-Body Maternity Pillow

Almost 12,000 five-star commentators (pregnant and something else) rave about this “life getting updated” full-body maternity pad. Many enjoyed it so much, they even gave it an epithet. Verifying its solace, one commentator composes that it “more likely than not been made by mythical beings from Narnia, and it must have been loaded up with wool lighten and the strands of unicorn stow away.” They add that it “presently lives nearly as a fifth appendage, a noncancerous development, an augmentation of my body that supports and solaces me, taking my tears and fears and wrapping them up with adoration and mysterious pixie dust … I compose this survey from the smooth grasp of my padded love cushion, whom I have named Prince Geoffrey.” Another analyst says they were at first distrustful when they bought this pad following a half year of pregnancy. “It was the best choice I might have made,” they compose, and now, at nine months pregnant, they can’t envision existence without it: “My better half and I joke about how crazy it looks and have nicknamed it Sideshow Bob, however the astounding solace this cushion gives can’t be completely depicted. It bolsters my legs/hips and gut totally, the head uphold is extraordinary and it’s great to have the option to turn over to my opposite side without modifying four cushions.”

$50 at Amazon

Best-rated (more affordable) pregnancy pillow

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge



“I was stunned at how little this cushion was, and I nearly returned it,” thinks of one analyst, yet her brain changed after she utilized it. Indeed, “I have utilized it daily throughout the previous 4 months, and I love it.” Lots of commentators additionally thought this spending plan inviting pad was excessively firm from the outset, however one pregnant analyst says, “I discover this to be the ideal size to help my knock without taking up a lot of bed land, and the ideal solidness to help without being awkward.” And analysts state this wedge cushion works for all phases of pregnancy. “Almost immediately, I kept it at my back to poke me from nodding off level on my back, and later, under my paunch for some additional help,” one commentator composes. Also, another analyst even says it is ideal to have baby blues: “Extremely helpful as a wedge when I rest on my side to lighten tension on my bosoms (due to breastfeeding engorgement).”

$16 at Amazon

Best detachable pregnancy pillow

AweSling Extra Large U-Shape Pillow and Lounger with Detachable Side



The most adaptable of the pack, this U-formed pad is loaded up with removable cotton, and produced using three distinctive separable pads. Additionally, it accompanies a reward tummy cushion, which ends up being a most loved component among commentators. “After getting it, it was past assumptions,” one commentator starts. “The cover is delicate and agreeable. The stuffing is strong yet not very solid. The way that each segment can be opened and stuffing can be added or eliminated is virtuoso and makes this cushion great.” And the reward gut pad is adaptable as well, they compose. “It tends to be set under the head while staring at the TV or perusing or under the arm or behind the back for additional solace,” they clarify, and add that they’re “now anticipating reconfiguring the pad to prop me up and uphold my infant while nursing.” And much like the main, another likewise depicts it as the “Goldilocks” of maternity pads. “This one fits perfectly,” they compose. “I was unable to get settled with some other pads — they just had an excess of stuffing. This one is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can take out as much stuffing from any of the areas and add it back later on the off chance that you need more help. The little midsection pad is its best piece … This has truly assisted me with dozing easily.”

$48 at Amazon

Best U-formed pregnancy pillow

AngQi Body Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped, Jersey Cover



There are a great deal of letter-molded pregnancy cushions available, yet analysts find that the U shape offers them the most adaptability. “I favored the U-shape over the other C-bend pads since I regularly prefer to change positions around evening time and this one allows you to do precisely that,” one says, while another states, “It causes me will rest simpler by giving help for my back just as having the opposite side to help my gut and go between my legs.” This AngQi U-formed pregnancy cushion, explicitly, is “breathable so it doesn’t make me sweat-soaked,” says one commentator. Another says “It’s not excessively thick which I like, but rather it’s too comfortable and the texture is delicate and not scratchy by any stretch of the imagination.” as far as size, it’s minimal enough that commentators state it’s tight yet not overpowering in a sovereign size bed. Analysts additionally like that the cover is launderable — and that this can be utilized all through their pregnancy and past, “in various ways sitting up, and furthermore as a nursing cushion when child shows up.”

$49 at Amazon

Best extra-long U-formed pregnancy pillow

Meiz King-Size Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


This 65-inch extra large cushion is best for those on the taller side who are searching for full-body uphold. One analyst, who’s 5’9″ expresses, “Goodness. This is so agreeable. I got the extra long one and happy I did. I can overlay it under my knees for back help … Stays cool. Strongly suggest.” Another, who was 20 weeks pregnant at the hour of their survey, shares that they purchased this pad “since dozing has gotten to a greater extent an errand nowadays.” They compose that their first evening utilizing the pad was “staggering” and that it’s the “amazing length” for their 5’9″ outline. “Bounty enough pad to overlay or prop in the middle of my legs. The material of the cushion case is extraordinary … didn’t make me hot/sweat, and it’s not bothersome or excessively fluffy,” they guarantee. “I enthusiastically suggest this for pregnant young ladies, or on the off chance that you experience back issues and experience issues resting!”

$67 at Amazon

Best C-shaped pregnancy pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


“I am presently in my third trimester. I got this pad in the start of my subsequent trimester. I can’t rave enough about it,” keeps in touch with one commentator of this C-molded pad, and very nearly 7,000 others, in five-star surveys, concur. “This plan facilitated the tension on my lower back and tailbone, just as keeping me in a place that is ergonomically right for the last phases of pregnancy,” one says. A customer reports his significant other is “fixated on this colossal cushion” that he purchased for her during pregnancy. “She says it bolsters her back and is agreeable to the point that she can’t rest without it now despite the fact that our child is a month old. I think the most exceedingly terrible part is we gotten the nation over, and I was stuck hauling this gigantic pad from inn to lodging with my little 4-foot-11 spouse pursuing me hollering that her goliath cushion was delaying the ground.”

An analyst who’s pregnant with her seventh kid states, “My helpless body has clearly gotten destroyed. First night with this pad, I in a real sense dropped like the blessed messengers came from the sky and shook me to rest.” Multiple commentators call this all out body cushion a “lifeline,” with one clarifying, “I can serenely rest on my back, side, and even stomach (until further notice, before I get too enormous I’m certain) by rolling and bowing this pad in any capacity that I need.”

$58 at Amazon

Best (more affordable) C-shaped pregnancy pillow

Restorology 60-Inch Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


“I love this cushion. My solitary lament is that I didn’t get it sooner,” keeps in touch with one analyst who likewise considers it a “blessing,” and says she “utilized it LITERALLY consistently until the day I conceived an offspring.” This financial plan cordial, C-formed cushion has loads of different fans, including the commentator who expresses, “The entirety of my agonies have disappeared,” and another who says, “It’s agreeable, the perfect measure of firm, and offers the help I need for my head, neck, and back to stay adjusted while on my side.” Since you can rest confronting either side of the pad, this analyst says, “I love having the choice to utilize the shut side or the open side contingent upon how I need to rest,” and another loves that, because of the C-shape, “it’s agreeable to lie in confronting either bearing.”

$37 at Amazon

Best two-sided pregnancy pillow

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge


A smaller, wedge-style cushion, this one is another commentator top choice for aiding support developing pregnant bodies. “This excellent little wedge may resemble a basic pad, however it is the best creation known to man (and pregnant ladies),” thinks of one, and another says, “This little wedge was a distinct advantage for me. I’ve been resting muuuuuch better.” Moms-to-be additionally similar to that this cushion is twofold sided, offering both a firm and a delicate choice. This analyst clarifies: “right now the gentler side is great yet I am probably going to have to more strong side as I get greater.”

$23 at Amazon

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