How to Book a Cairo Airport Taxi

Egypt air port taxi book

Booking an Egypt Air Port Taxi and Limousine service is easy and convenient. When you book your flights to Egypt, you’ll need to book a Cairo Airport taxicab or Limousine, a popular option for those traveling on business or pleasure, with ease online. Just go online to one of the many reputable booking sites, which will provide you with a list of various airport taxis and limousines from which you can choose. You’ll also be able to book an EgyptAir flight at the same time if you wish.


You should know that the Cairo Airport has many taxi services, some of which are more expensive than others. If you’re planning a trip through the Cairo Airport, you may want to avoid taking the cheapest taxi cab available, so as not to end up paying over the odds.


The Cairo airport taxis and Limousines are divided into a number of categories. The most basic is the ‘Tourist’ cab, which is an automatic push-pull van that is available for hire. These have seats for two and are very affordable. There are many of these available. The Tourist taxi fares will usually include the cost of a map of the city.


The next category is the ‘Tourist Luxury’, which includes a selection of different types of luxury vehicles. Some of these are extremely expensive. However, it is possible to book a high-end Luxury taxi in advance, especially if you book your tickets well in advance, as they will usually fill up before your departure date.


In addition to the ‘luxury’ category, there are some more affordable options, too. The ‘Cheapo’ taxis will generally be cheaper than the more exclusive Luxury ones but will not come fully equipped. If you do book early in the week, they will often fill up quickly.


If you’re travelling with a group of friends, the ‘Group Tourist’ is probably your best option. These tend to be slightly less expensive than the normal taxis, but can include more luxurious amenities than a ‘personal’ vehicle would have, such as an air conditioning system, DVD player and DVD storage.


Finally, the ‘All-Inclusive’ is the cheapest option available. They’ll provide you with the most luxurious amenities, including a fully furnished chauffeur-driven vehicle, private valet parking and even a personal driver. These tend to be quite pricey, so book as far in advance as possible, or try and book with a well-known company that offers a ‘low-priced’ price.


Once you’ve book your airport taxi, you’ll also need to find a place to park your car while you’re waiting to be picked up by your Egypt Air Port Taxi. There are a number of places to park at the airport, but the best is a free shuttle bus that runs every fifteen minutes. Alternatively, try to locate a nearby parking lot or garage that will pick you up near the terminal. Once you’ve found a place to park, you’re ready to head home!


As a last resort, you may also wish to consider hiring a driver who lives in Egypt and is familiar with the area, which is possible. This will save you both time and money. However, you should make sure you are dealing with a reputable and experienced driver who is happy to take you to your hotel, as he may be hesitant to leave his usual routes and pick up customers.


When you reach your hotel and you get the airport taxi to the taxi stand at the airport, make sure you pay the required amount. and that you’re on time. Failure to do so may result in your taxi being turned away and you have to pay a late fee, or even going to court over unpaid fares.


If your taxi does not arrive after twenty minutes, try checking your luggage again and request a cab to wait for you at the taxi stand. It is not uncommon for airport taxis to charge extra for long wait times, so this might mean paying an extra fee for another taxi to wait for you. If this does happen, try calling around to airport companies that rent taxis, so that you can call ahead to other companies and find out when they will pick you up and return your taxi to the taxi stand.


It’s worth remembering that the internet is an excellent source of information about Egypt. Look for reviews by travellers who have tried to use a particular company and have had good experiences. There’s no point in rushing into a decision. Take your time and make sure that you are happy with the results you get.

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