Party Organization

In United States, a party is an organization, either an official organization or a group, that has the common goal of achieving or maintaining political power. In most parties, there are candidates, representatives and voting procedures. Party organizations can be formally formed as corporations, joint-stock companies, or other business associations. In most political parties, there is a national or state board. Parties in United States have different objectives and goals.



Parties are also referred to as political organizations. In the United States, there are many kinds of parties, including ethnic parties, religious parties, social-cultural and social-political parties. In United States, there are two major parties, namely the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. There are also minor parties such as Green Party, Reform Party, Animal Welfare Party and some Labor parties.


Parties can have different names, depending on their structure, the party’s constitution and the political program of the party. There are two basic kinds of political parties in United States, namely democratic party and the Republicans. The Democrats are the party of the New Deal. The Democrats are considered the party of labor, whereas the Republicans are the party of the business community. The Democrats are also considered the party of the people; and the Republicans are the party of the rich. There are many subtypes of the Democratic Party. For example, the progressive party, which are in favor of liberalization; and the liberal democratic party, which are in favor of liberalization with the addition of some conservative elements.


In addition, there are two types of political parties, one of which is the franchise party; while the second type is the independent party. The franchise party gives representation to the interests of franchise holders, while the independent party gives representation to the interests of citizens. In both cases, party members can choose between the two parties.


In United States, there are two main objectives of parties. One objective of each party is to elect a candidate for government office. In some cases, the parties elect candidates to ensure that their interests are protected by the government. In other cases, the parties support policies and ideologies, so that their interests are protected. However, it depends on the nature of the political party whether they support political action or not.


Each political party’s primary objective is to win in a general election. Parties in the United States have different strategies to do so. Most of the parties in United States have an election process that involves the nomination of candidates and election of them. Once elected, they have to work together in a governing the country. Most of the parties require a majority of votes to pass legislation. Once the party has won an election, they usually form a government.

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