Seductive Masculinity Is Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Cologne

If Old Spice is the Model T of men’s fragrances, then Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Cologne is the Bugatti or Lamborghini. Created as an accompaniment to the women’s version of Gucci Guilty, this latest male scent by design powerhouse Gucci is sure to push those other colognes on your dresser aside.

The marketing campaign from this perfume empire is headed by handsome alpha male actor Chris Evans and the sultry singer and actress Evan Rachel Wood. Many women secretly crave the bodice-ripping romance of a strong man whose masculinity is at the forefront. The couple’s languorous, romantic, sultry portrayal of this latest Gucci male fragrance is the exact embodiment of what you can expect of its scent. As a man, you will want to wear it because its scent is a commanding presence, allowing you to get what you want when you want it.

An Anytime Scent

Some colognes lend themselves to daytime or nighttime wear, simply by their heavy or light scents. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Cologne is a refreshing mix of many aromas that lends itself to them anytime. Men who don this fragrance subliminally stand up straighter and display an unconscious cocky jaunt of the jaw. It’s all about attitude and this cologne has it, as witnessed by the many women who are drawn to the men wearing it.

The perfume of this elegantly masculine scent features top notes of traditional French lavender, the clean, citrusy aroma of lemon, and the light snap of pink pepper. The middle notes of African orange blossom provide a comforting warmth that draws you in. The finishing notes of a manly, woodsy cedar and the oriental spice of patchouli wrap up this intoxicatingly sexy cologne for men.

Creates a Complete Package

While the scent of this latest Gucci foray into male fragrances may be enough to help you snag the attention of who you desire, the studly packaging will surely capture your personal attention. Resembling the shape of a flask you might have stashed in your pocket for “medicinal” purposes, the cologne is housed in a heavy glass bottle with cool, sleek silver metal sporting the bold, iconic Gucci double-G trademark.

This seductive cologne is a far cry from cheap perfume. In fact, Gucci Flora Perfume prevailed upon world-famous designer Giannini for its creation. Men are drawn to the scent of this commanding fragrance and many women are defenseless against its charms. Therefore, it only makes scents to try Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Cologne for you to witness its effects – for purely scientific reasons of course.

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