What is News?


The mass media are the major elements of the general media, which focus on delivering information to a particular target audience or the public at large. These include newspaper, broadcast media (television and radio), and more recently, the Internet (on-line newspapers, news websites, blogs, etc). The majority of the mass media are also owned by private corporations (print, broadcast, online/web) and are therefore run by people with an interest in the product being sold or their company.

News is also used by government, private individuals, and public relations specialists to communicate a message to a large population. The media has become a vital element of communication for many people who do not read newspapers or watch television. The mass media is sometimes referred to as “the mainstream media”. It is the only source through which news can be widely disseminated.


A common use of news for public relations professionals is to help people make better decisions. News is also used to help influence political behavior. This is done by informing the public about certain controversial issues, and helping people to choose the most beneficial course of action. The media’s main role is to present the facts and the truth, without fear of bias. This does not mean, however, that all of the media’s news reporting is correct. It is still possible that some of the news stories may be exaggerations meant to influence the public in favor of a particular viewpoint.

In the United States, studies have been conducted to determine whether or not the public tends to view news as an important part of their lives or whether they see it as a “socially conditioned response” (as in studies done by sociologists and anthropologists). The results show that most Americans report viewing at least some news each day, but this is a superficial view. People have a broader view of news. Many Americans regard news as important but not vital to their daily lives.

News stories are often used by the media to promote a company or products. For example, if a corporation releases a new product, they will often release a short news story, either in the form of an article or video. This will encourage viewers to try the product. There are also commercial media companies who use news stories to publicize upcoming events and advertise. In some cases, the media will even endorse a political candidate during the election season of an election. These examples of sponsored news are generally covered fairly heavily by the media.

The role of the media in the distribution of news has increased as news stories have become more technical and specialized. Many news agencies now have reporters on a national level or at the local level, as well as correspondents on local radio and television stations. The popularity of news has increased because it has become a business tool in its own right.

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